Thursday, November 23, 2017
Local 226 Job Referral

Inside Journeyman Wireman Book Numbers as of  Wednesday , November 22 , 2017~

Book I- 23

Book 2- 17           

#Journeymen on Short Calls= 0





Remember to RE-SIGN the Out-of-Work Book between 

December 10-  December 16 (midnight for email users)!



The following calls will be dispatched~  Monday, Nov. 27, 2017
Kilian 1jw 

4-10s  at Futamura in Topeka.drug test and valid D.L. req.


















Most calls require drug test.  Some require OSHA-10.
Section 3.08    
Journeymen shall provide themselves with the following tools only:
Hacksaw Frame
Torpedo Level
Center Punch
Cutting Pliers
Wire Strippers                                                              
Channel locks                                                               
Wiggins tester (or equivalent)                                         
Screw drivers, including two Phillips screwdrivers 
Crescent wrenches (not over 10 inches)                          
Keyhole saw-handle only (blade furnished by Employer)     
Allen wrenches up to 3/8”
1 toolbox or equivalent to hold tools
1 flashlight only (no batteries)
1 tool belt with pouches
1 tape measure up to 30’
The Employer shall furnish all other necessary tools and equipment, including safety devices.   Journeyman shall be responsible for the Employer’s tools and equipment when furnished with necessary lockers, toolboxes or safe storage.
For Travelers wanting to come to LU 226:  
Bring with you the following:
  • Paid-up dues receipt.
  • Two forms of I.D. - Driver's license and social security card.
Directions to the Hall:  
Address:  1620 NW Gage Blvd. Suite A, Topeka, KS 66618  
times:  
Monday thru Friday, 8 AM - 5:00 PM
Closed 12-1 for lunch
How to re-sign your name on the book:  
Everyone registered on ANY out-of-work list must resign the 10th of each month.
Resigns must be received or postmarked between the 10th and the 16th of each month.


Resign for April Resign must be received or postmarked between
12:01 AM April 10th & midnight April 16th.
Resign for May Resign must be received or postmarked between
12:01 AM May 10th & midnight May 16th.

If you are working on a Short Term call, you still need to resign.E-Mail your re-sign here.
Mail a card or letter including your name and card number to the following:

1620 NW Gage
Topeka, KS 66618

Fax a letter, including your name and card number to the following:  (785) 232-1791

Scale, Benefits and Working Dues:  
Wages: Eff. 9-1-16 $30.35
Health & Welfare $5.80
Local Pension $7.20
NEBF 3 %
Local Union Working Dues 6 %
Short Call:  
A short term referral will be for a maximum of fourteen (14) consecutive calendar days, with no limitation on the number of hours which may be worked.  



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